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I will be back very soon, being active, posting textures, brushes, icons etc BETTER STUFF...
I can't believe that Lj is a bit less creative and is now focused on popularity shits and that the most viewed journal is full of crap, and that people are happy with it. I used to have a paid account here, and used to be very active with my graphics etc.. and at that time, LJ was THE place for creative people, no wonder why everybody left for tumblr. Anyway, i'm going back, I'll just post things here for myself and people who are still active here.

(that gif looks okay only on white backgrounds)
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24 November 2012 @ 07:22 pm
Hi, my name is Lux, you can read that on my profile page with more infos & credits.
Today i'm sharing few icons with you, enjoy !

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